NETPIE Pricing

About our credit system and service tiers

NETPIE gives you freedom to customize your own package that suits your need. With NETPIE credits, you can pick and choose from our offered features to best serve your application requirement.

NETPIE Service Tiers

NETPIE Red Gear Member
  • Free 100 credits per monthly use
  • Limit 10 applications
  • 1 year data retention period (limited time offer)
  • Public cloud hosting
NETPIE Blue Gear Member
  • Prepaid credits for monthly usage quota
  • Unlimited applications
  • Data retention throughout your memberhip period
  • Public cloud hosting
NETPIE Gold Gear Member
  • Exceptionally high performance
  • Service level guarantee
  • Private cloud hosting
  • Annual administration fee                                     
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How do you pay for NETPIE?

NETPIE currency is credits. You use credits in exchange for keys and features. The more credits you have, the more quotas per month you get to use NETPIE resources and features. NETPIE free credits do not expire. However, free (red gear) member requiring more usage quota than the amount that 100 credits allow must upgrade to blue gear membership.

With blue gear membership, you forfeit the free credits and switch to NETPIE prepaid credits. Prepaid credit has an expiration date of 12 months after the date of purchase but allows you access to all NETPIE resources and features.

NETPIE Prepaid Credits

250 Credits for 10,000 THB
40 THB/credit
Credits expire 12 months
after purchasing
500 Credits for 15,000 THB
30 THB/credit
Credits expire 12 months
after purchasing
1,000 Credits for 20,000 THB
20 THB/credit
Credits expire 12 months
after purchasing
All prices exclude 7% VAT and non-refundable
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What are credits for?

NETPIE credits can be used in exchange for our offered features as follows. For instance, if you have 100 credits, you can choose to use them all for keys (100 keys), or some combination of keys, feeds and freeboards (e.g., 10 keys+20 feeds+10 freeboards), depending on your application. Stay tune for more resources to come.

Basic Key
1 credit/thing
1 sec message interval
1 credit/datasource
Unlimited widgets
Data Feed
4 credits/data field
15 sec data input interval
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